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Private Yoga Retreat:

Perfect for family, group of friends or professional colleagues in need of a getaway. Book your own personalised private yoga/meditation retreat. I can design the perfect weekend or mini retreat for you to de-stress and relax. Leave feeling renewed and refreshed, ready to conquer the world again.

Contact Gwynne or m: 0414 579 446 to enquire

Seasonal Yoga Intensives

The seasons represent the ever changing cycles of nature and rhythms of life. Each season has its own energetic quality which plays out upon all layers of our being, enhancing balance harmonious states in body mind and spirit. The laws of Nature, 5 Element Theory and the science of Ayurveda all reveal the seasons have natural laws which affect our energy, our organs, systems and functioning, our emotions. At each Seasonal Intensive, the body receives renewed energy to align and balance itself with the season. The yogic practices nurture and harmonise you with natures ever changing rhythms. The organs heal and function well, the body is cleansed and refreshed, the mind becomes calm, we find stability. With seasonally aligned hatha yoga practices the body, mind and breath complex returns to it’s innate state of natural state wellness. The place of calm balanced equilibrium.

An intensive is a mini retreat with specific seasonal asana (poses) to heal and balance our body and organs, allowing deep cleansing, renewal and internal balance. Pranayama (breathing practices) energise and enhance life force throughout body and create clarity in the mind. All leading to the meditation practices, quiet sitting in self reflection pertaining to each season.
My seasonal yoga intensive’s are a wonderful way to re-establish your natural health in harmony with the season.
Our health and well being is a precious resource. Taking care of body and energy with yoga is wise investment in quality of life.

All welcome. Suitable for all levels or abilities.

Rising early is one the healthiest habits known, being a powerful way to create health enhancing positive change to every aspect of yourself.
Intensive week consists of early morning class for 5 days: asana, pranayama and meditation.
The Avalon locations are perfect venues for yoga and energy practices. Attendance is with Booking Only and includes a valuable Ebook of seasonal theory, ayurveda, student notes, nutritional guidelines, lifestyle tips for optimum results and delicious seasonal whole foods recipes tailored for each season. Bookings are essential for these inspiring and popular courses.

“We’re all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass

Seasonal Yoga Intensives Timetable
Autumn Yoga
(metal element)
Winter Yoga
(water element)
Spring Yoga
(wood element)
New Year Summer Yoga
(fire element)
April 10th - 14th 2017
Venue: Avalon Beach Surf Club

June 26th - 1st July 2017
Venue: Avalon Yoga Co-Op
1 week of evenig yin practices, pranayama and meditation
Sep 25th - 29th 2017
Venue:Avalon Beach Surf Club
Jan 8th - 12th 2018
Venue: Avalon Beach Surf Club
Avalon Beach NSW
Summer Intensive
Fire Element (heart and small intestine meridians) theme is Radiance with open heart and core strength for personal power. Energy is expansive, “out there” expressive and creative. Power, communication, relationship with ourselves and others are heightened now. Joyful expression of heart energy with passion. A post party season cleanse to start the new year!
Autumn Intensive
Metal Element (lung and large intestine meridians) theme is Let Go, release old patterns and negative habits. Contractive energy tones our body and breathing is improved. We heal our lungs and our elimination, we become focussed and organised. We gain clarity, create healthy boundaries and feel the benefits in mind and body.
Winter Intensive
Water Element (kidney and bladder meridians) theme is Stillness. Winters energy is deep, creating stability with in. We retsore and contain our energy in winter with yin practices for the purpose of rejuvination and deep healing. Yoga at this time addresses the spine and lower back, creates hormonal balance, sexual energy and conserves essential life force. It is essential to maintain our inner warmth, find strength and stability within . Restorative yin yoga and meditative practices to relieve the effects of stress and adrenal exhaustion. Winter’s theme: flow to stillness.
Spring Intensive
Wood Element (liver and gall bladder meridians) theme is Detox. Spring is the time to turn over a new leaf, renew and refresh with a good spring cleanse. Spring is about change and new beginnings, look forward to shaking off winter’s heavy cloak. Enjoy lightness.

“Yoga practice with Gwynne has created an awareness of greater possibilities for me. The sense of well being that I am enjoying as a result of Gwynne’s Yoga has had a profoundly positive effect on my relationships with friends and family, an added benefit I hadn’t expected. My capacity both physically and mentally has improved, giving me a taste of what it may be like to reach my fullest potential. Gwynne’s Yoga guidance has been a perfect compliment to my surfing and paddle boarding, creating quick recovery, flexibility, stamina and injury avoidance.” Bruce Raymond, Quiksilver International.

And recently from Bruce Raymond: “I have enjoyed the last few weeks of Sunrise Yoga leading up to the Winter Intensive with Gwynne. This was a journey where our whole class was prepared and carried forward together with alternative positions allowing inclusiveness at all levels. My personal motivation in 2013 has been to be proactive and not reactive. Sunrise Yoga and the Summer , Autumn and Winter Intensives have been my quiet companion and friend through achieving this years goal. Thank you Gwynne.” – Bruce Raymond, Surfer, Artist, Visionary 2014.

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