Gwynne is a specialist yoga teacher, available for Private Yoga, Meditation and Corporate Yoga in all areas of Sydney. Open classes will resume in September 2016.
Gwynne also actively mentors the development of personal and professional practice for student yoga teachers.

Yoga is based on alignment with nature and the seasons (Japanese + Hatha Yoga) a balanced synthesis of postures, pranayama, meditation bringing all aspects of body/mind into harmony with the outer environment.
Morning is the yang time of day; the sun rises, it’s the time to move and energise the body.
Evening is the yin period; the moon rises, the time to quieten, restore, relax and release the body.

Corporate Yoga: Yoga in the work place or at Corporate training/event days. Gwynne brings the benefits of yoga into the work place, enhancing the health and wellbeing of staff and a more harmonious atmosphere through out the organisation.

A valuable investment in your people, productivity and work place.
Call Gwynne for information 0414 579 446

“For as long as space endures and for as long as living beings remain, until then may I, too,
abide to dispel the misery of the world.” Shantideva, The Way of the Bodhisattva

Yoga for Cancer: The mind-body experience of Yoga with the use of gentle, restorative and calming practices that reduce the effects of deep stress and bring about a more calm relaxed state. This course offers healing support for those living with cancer and other serious illness, providing a refuge of calm, a sense of wellbeing which is beneficial when living with the stress of serious illness. Yoga, Breathing and Meditation for Cancer delivers a healing experience of tools, techniques and gentle movements to provide support people living with cancer and other serious illness. By booking only.

“Last year I was diagnosed, out of the blue with Stage 4 incurable breast cancer. Suffice to say that this turned my world upside down and all my hopes and plans for the future were changed. Luckily I found Gwynne. With the help of Gwynne’s excellent meditation course, and now our absolutely wonderful Thursday cancer yoga sessions, I feel I am regaining my strength and courage. I look forward to my yoga lesson every week. It is such a loving, gentle and caring environment that Gwynne creates and I am so very grateful. P.S: I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone!” Jill Marles.

“Gwynne’s ‘Yoga for Cancer and Serious Illness’ classes are like a warm embrace. I can often arrive at class feeling off balance and anxious but I know that when I leave I will feel calm, centred and loved. Gwynne has created a safe and supportive environment for a group of inspirational women which I look forward to joining each and every week. Thank you Gwynne for all that you do.'”Anoula Galettis

New Course 2016: Meditation for Mindfulness and Life Balance: Meditation is known to relieve the effect of deep stress upon the body and mind, improve health, well being and quality of life. To learn the practice of Meditation is to learn a valuable tool to balance your life, improving postive energy and decreasing negativity, creating the causes and conditions for genuine well being and happiness, enhancing every aspect of life. Our natural state is open awareness, where stillness, self understanding, wisdom and compassion arise. Daily Meditation practices is of benefit to all, and especially so for those experiencing serious stress, illness, anxiety or insomnia.
New 8 week Meditation Course 1 hour weekly over 8 weeks. Open to all; beginners and meditators wishing to refine, develop or restart daily home practice. All enquiries by email or phone.
Private instruction also available.

All enquiries m: 0414 579 446 or e: for more information about how yoga, meditation, life style and diet can change and enhance your life with healthful balance.

“Practicing Meditation every day has changed my life , I went through a stressful time and still have challenging moments I knew I needed to do something to balance my emotions. I started with this course and like I said it changed my life. I now feel balanced , calm and Free. I see life in a way I hadn’t before it has been a sense of awakening for me!! I recommend this course with Gwynne she is an amazing teacher” Samantha Austin

Bank Details for booking Yoga Intensives or Private Session:

Account name: Gwynne Jones. BSB 732 095. Acc 575272. Reference: your name and type of service paid. e:

Instagram: Gwynne Jones
Facebook and Twitter: Gwynne Jones Yoga.

Causes and Community:

Fund-raising events are held to raise money for important causes. As an ambassador for Oxfam and Fair Trade, Gwynne regularily gives of herself to raising awareness and funds at these special events.
Gwynne also supports Living Ocean, The Sea Shepherds, The Humane Society and Stewart House. Gwynne recently led a Winter Solstice Meditation at Krinklewood Biodynamic Vineyard at Broke NSW, with interconnection of all animals, plants and beings with life, collecting energetic blanket and consciousness deep within soil, vines and all life forms – a beautiful blessing for the harvest and all involved.

“When the student is ready the teacher will come” – Buddhist Proverb

“Gwynne is a kind, generous and intuitive teacher. My yoga practice with Gwynne has changed my life in profound way. Our regular practice has helped me experience the calming influence and clarity that yoga brings into daily life. It has given me strength, has taught me mindfulness and to be grateful, and I am very grateful for this.” Deborah Sams, Director Bassike.

“Gwynne’s classes are an inspiring and intelligent integration of calm presence and steady challenge. Before you know it, you are doing something you never dreamed possible, expertly navigated through clarity, flow and compassion. The result is a sense of inner strength and a marvellous lightness that continues to grow and benefits me long after the class is finished.” Sarah Hatcher Director, ThinkingCaps.


Senior Teacher

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